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  1. A man's Guide To Scooters A MAN'S GUIDE TO SCOOTERS   Here is a link to an old article that i had saved. It has a lot of basic information for the beginning scooter buyer. I thought this comment was interesting: "There were so many mocking posts on Facebook that I came here to post. If you live in an urban area (Boston, Washington DC, Seattle), a scooter for its price, size and power is a much better choice than a motorcycle. I have a Genuine Buddy 125 and it has been fantastic. Thanks for a great article." Another comment: "Thanks, Joshua. I love Genuine's scooters; the Buddy 125 is great."
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    ►Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Nate Pedersen. Scooters. In America, where we tend to associate manly two-wheeled locomotion exclusively with motorcycles, they sometimes elicit a bit of a snicker. But for men around the world, and even not so far back in our own history, scooters have been prized as economical, stylish, and fun to ride. Today we'll talk a little bit about that history, discuss what makes scooters a viable and enjoyable mode of transportation, and offer some tips for picking the right one.◄
  2. 50cc Motor Scooters For Sale Cheap 50CC 4-STROKE MOTOR SCOOTER   Here's what looks like a real good deal for a lot of people interested in buying an entry level motor scooter. You can buy this scooter here online and have it shipped to your favorite address. It is a 50cc scooter, street legal most places, but not all - (be sure and check with your local department of motor vehicles before purchasing), with electric start, plus back-up kick start. Twist and go fully automatic transmission.
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    ►Engine Size: 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder 49cc, HP: 3.5, Cooling: Air Cooled, Transmission: Fully Automatic Drive, CVT Starter: Electric with keys, kick start back-up, Ignition: CDI, Top Speed: 30-35mph, Front Suspension: Hydraulic, Rear Suspension: Hydraulic Spring, Front Brakes: Disc, Rear Brakes: Drum, Front Tires: 100/60-10 inches, Rear Tires: 100/60 - 10 inches, STEEL Wheel Base, Controls: Twist Throttle - Fully Automatic, Lighting: Headlights-Brake-Blinkers, Street Legal Most States, Weight Capacity: 225 lbs, Dry Weight: 250 lbs, Length: 67.32, Width: 30.7, Height: 51.57.◄
  3. Scootdawg Website SCOOTDAWG FORUMS   This listing here is for the "Scootdawg" forums. It is up-to-date and a well used motor scooter forum. You can buy & sell on this forum, plus engage in your favorite discussions about some aspect of motor scootering.

    ►Welcome to the NEW ScootDawg forums! Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I've teamed up with Lee to help out with the forum. It's no secret that we were having a lot of problems with the old forum, the biggest one being spam. It was out of control. We were also very limited in what we could do, and had to abide by others' rules & regs. The possibility of losing precious forum data generated over the years by all of you great members was always a concern too. The previous forum host was known to have hardware failures resulting in this. So for a lot of reasons, our best option was to leave the old forum and migrate to this new one . . .◄
  4. Meximer's Homemade Scooter Trailer MEXIMERS HOMEMADE SCOOTER TRAILER   My brother is a big fan of motor scooters and now lives in Baja Mexico, where he uses his 250cc Scooter for transportation and as a grocery getter. Anyway, he had to get a scooter trailer so he could increase his load capacity, but he could not afford to buy a ready-made trailer so he had to design and build something on his own. This listing here shows the outcome of this cool little project. He decided that a single wheeled trailer was the safest and best way to make a scooter trailer. So far he has had the trailer up to speeds around 50 MPH with no apparent problems. The trailer is actually a converted Bike Nashbar type bicycle trailer with a 16in wheel taken off an old electric scooter which is strong enough for higher speeds. My brother really likes this trailer and he says he uses it all the time to transport groceries to his home. It has worked out quite well. You can see big pictures of the project by clicking each of the following links:

    Rear Wheel view
    Full Trailer view
    Tow Bars connection view
    Scooter & Trailer view
  5. 2014 Suzuki AN125 Motor Scooter PACIFIC MOTOR GROUP   I visited this show room just recently
    (4 Feb 2014) and they have a couple of beautiful Suzuki 125cc Motor Scooters on display. The picture on the right was taken by me. Picture on the right is of a Suzuki AN125 Motor Scooter: Twist & Go Throttle, Front Disc Brake, 3.5X10 Tires, Electric Starter as well as a Kick Starter. It has a low price of $2699 + ORC. As far as i can find, this scooter has good reviews on the internet. Click the picture on the right for a larger view.

    ►Welcome to Pacific Motor Group, Northland's largest motor vehicle dealership with the most comprehensive range of cars, utes, vans, motor scooters, motorcycles, and quad bikes available in New Zealand. We are franchised Sales, Parts & Service dealers for Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat and Alfa Romeo.
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    We are also an authorised Parts & Service dealer for Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo. With modern purpose built sales and service facilities in both Whangarei and Kerikeri, we are never too far from wherever in Northland you are, be that Kaitaia, Kaikohe, Kawakawa, Paihia, Russell, Dargaville, Kaiwaka or anywhere in between. Used vehicles are an important part of our business, and we try hard to stock a large range of quality vehicles of all makes, models and price ranges. We are always looking to buy quality stock and will consider anything that you have to offer whether you are in Northland, Auckland or further afield. If you are looking to trade in any one of our brands onto the same or another, we will do our best to make your changeover as cost effective as possible. We have a wide variety of Finance, Leasing, Warranty and Insurance products available, having relationships with most of New Zealand's leading providers. Whether it be finding the right solution, or liaising with your existing Finance and Insurance company, we'll make it as easy as we can for you. We've kept this website the way we like doing business . . . Simple. We invite you to visit our manufacturer's websites to check out their latest models and offers, browse our used vehicle inventory or check out our own "Hot Deals". Thanks for visiting us online, we look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you.◄
  6. Wooden Vespa VESPA DANIELA   On the website linked to here there is very little or perhaps no information about the owner. It appears that this website is more of an online business card for the owner Carlos Alberto, a Portuguese carpenter. The reason i am including it here is because this guy does beautiful wood work. He builds wooden staircases, wood shelves & wood doors. But his really cool item of interest is his wood built Vespa Scooter. It has an older 50cc 1957 Vespa engine installed, but is not really Vespa certified. Notice he has also made a wooden motorcycle named "Mota". But his wood Vespa is very well done. I understand that he built it for his daughter. It may not be certified for highway use yet. But, just think, he is probably the only person in the world who has done this sort of emulation in wood of a Vespa scooter. Very Nice.
  7. Scootertronics Home Page SCOOTERTRONICS   They are located on the US East Coast in Maryland. They are a brick & mortar business that also does online mail order to all the USA states and probably globally as well. They have a lot of Scooter stuff for sale and they have been in business for quite some time and have been on my website for a long time. Some of their products include: New Motor Scooters, Helmets, Windshields, Trunks, Batteries, Air Filters, Tools, Tires & Rims, Shocks, & More.

    ►Scootertronics located in MD and FL with the Thunder Shop Thurmont Maryland you can find products plus is a specialized niche scooter shop for all type scooters from China and Taiwan and the Italian made Piaggio Vespa brand as well as many others.
    We have been here since 2003 and we are a shop, not a drop shipper. If it's a scooter we do it. Scootertronics are specialist in scooters that reach street-worthy speeds. Stock GY6 Scooter parts as well as High Performance scooter parts for Yamaha, Honda, Piaggio, Vespa scooter parts, Kymco, TGB plus all brands. Scooter Parts from NCY, Stage6, Mikuni, UNI-Fliter, Athena, Naraku, NGK, Malossi, Dr Pulley & Leo Vince, all top brand name parts for all scooters with the best selection of Performance Parts for Scooters. Creating a market and carving out a niche in the Twist and Go scooter industry, Scootertronics continues to improve its service Nationwide and now Globally. Adding Vintage Scooter and Motorcycle Restore in 2010. Scootertronics offers many parts online for all types of scooters that have all been tested and approved in our shop or designed by Straight Up Performance used in the Thunder Shop with proven results from our customers. This is how we know what works, we do not just throw parts at you. We are simply those who care you get the right product for your scooter. Scootertronics the only complete online brand name parts supplier for all types of scooters.◄
  8. The Cycle Burro Trailer SINGLE WHEEL   This is a very unique site in that it specializes in "One-Wheeled" trailers and probably has no competition on the internet, i'm guessing. This website was sent to me by a man named "Roger" and i appreciate it because it helps solve a problem most scooter operators have and that is making enough room to haul small amounts of groceries or whatever. This website is a catalog of single-wheeled trailers and has a section for "Scooter and Motorcycle Trailers" on the left side of the page, scroll down to view. There are a lot of ideas on this website that could be used by someone wanting to build their own scooter trailer. Might even be a good business idea. For our purposes here scroll down to the "Scooter and Motorcycle Trailers" category which includes the following links: Literature, Campi, Cycle Burro, Faho-Trip, FTF, Globe, Hobo Sportster, Motorkuli, Nagy, PAV, Pille, Predom, RoadDog, Troll, & Unidentified.

    ►Welcome to This is your information source for single wheel trailers from the 40's, 50's and 60's, Allstate and Heilite to name a couple. The intention of this site is to be the most comprehensive, informational single wheel trailer site on the internet. If you have any information, pictures, or anything else send me an email. A single wheel trailer is a trailer that has only one wheel supporting it. A trailer is usually defined as having one or two axles and having two wheels per axle. These conventional trailers attach to the vehicle towing them, at one point, the trailer hitch and ball. Single wheel trailers have only one wheel. The trailer attaches to the tow vehicle using a special hitch, which attaches at two points to the vehicle, not just one. On a conventional trailer, when the tow vehicle turns, the trailer follows at a reduced radius. This is because the pivot point between the tow vehicle and the trailer is the hitch and ball. Think of a semi truck making a right turn in front of you. The truck (tow vehicle) must go very wide around a turn because the rear most wheels of the trailer follow at a much reduced turn radius. If the tow vehicle doesn't go wide enough around the turn, it will collide with what ever is at the inside of the turn (i.e. curb, stop sign, pedestrian, your car etc.). Thus the signs on the back of most semis "This vehicle makes wide right turns." Single wheel trailers, on the other hand, are the opposite. They turn wider than the tow vehicle. How is this possible? A large caster wheel. Think of the front wheel of a shopping cart at the grocery store. These front wheels are capable of spinning all the way around. This same concept is the way the wheel on a single wheel trailer steers. It has the capability to rotate all the way around. The wheel must perform this way because unlike the conventional two wheeled trailer, that pivots at the hitch and ball, the single wheel trailer pivots at the wheel itself.◄
  9. Scoot Boot Trailer SCOOT BOOT   Billed as "The only scooter trailer designed specifically for 49cc scooters". This trailer weighs approximately 35 LBS and looks to be a very useful addition to any motor scooter, especially for hauling your groceries back to your apartment from the grocery store.

    ►What you have been waiting for has finally arrived. A lightweight, practical, affordable scooter trailer to pull behind your scooter. There are a million and one motorcycle trailers out there, but they are all far too heavy and far too expensive. Now you CAN have it all. The fuel efficiency and fun of a scooter with plenty of storage to carry your stuff to the beach, around the RV Park or wherever you want to go. Scooter trailers are the answer to your needs. Scoot Boot scooter trailer is the ultimate Vespa trailer. We have a specially designed hitch that will fit any scooter with a metal luggage rack. If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you. Some of the things we like best about the Scoot Boot scooter trailer are: A Scoot Boot trailer is more efficient than saddle bags or crates. Scooter trailers isolate your scooter from the load and minimize total weight because the Scoot Boot is so light. The Scoot Boot scooter trailer is easier to live with. Scooter trailers are easy to pack, convenient to hitch, and light to walk with. Huge capacity A Scoot Boot scooter trailer will carry up to 4 cubic feet of luggage with the trunk closed and even more if left open. You will hardly ever carry this much, but you could do a week's shopping for a family of four in one trip. Basically, if your scooter can haul it, Scoot Boot can hold it.◄
  10. Motor Scooter Guide Logo MOTOR SCOOTER GUIDE   There is lots of motor scooter information on this website which is based in Canada. Their categories include the home page which has the latest "Scooter Scene News" and then there are links to other pages such as the "Forums" which is very active and up to date and then "Downloads" which has a good number of free motor scooter manuals and related info in the PDF form. Also, a page featuring motor scooter related misc. articles from the past. This site also has a lot of pictures of different motor scooters, but the website seems to have been started at around about year 2011.
    ►For general questions about scooters such as acquiring parts and diagnosing problems, please use the Forums where a number of knowledgeable people will try to answer your questions. That seriously is your best option. You may also want to check out other scooter forums. On the individual scooter pages there are links to relevant forums for each model. Please consider submitting an Owner Review for your scooter. It will really benefit this site and the community in general. For communication related to this website such as content submission, advertising, errors and website problems you can contact Dan directly at◄
  11. 2013 Honda Ruckus HONDA RUCKUS SCOOTER   I like this Honda Ruckus so much that i could not resist putting it up here on my website even though it is not really a motor scooter in the traditional sense. It does look sort of "Old School" design, which may be what makes it look so cool and well made. The Honda Ruckus starts out at $2,649USD plus a destination charge of: $125USD. It is available in either black or white/red combo. It has an automatic transmission, with liquid-cooled engine and electric starter. Also, comes equipped with dual headlights & oversize tires. Specs include: 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine. Gets approximately 114 MPG. One year factory warranty. Model Id: NPS50. Drum Brakes: Front & Rear. Front Tire: 120/90-10. Rear Tire: 130/90-10.

    ►The Ruckus looks like it could survive a nuclear blast and come out swinging. But the Ruckus is about way more than just a unique look: Its thrifty 49cc engine gets awesome mileage. It's Honda V-matic® automatic transmission makes for no-shifting, seamless power in and out of traffic. Its electric starter means you just turn a key, push a button, and you're outta there. Add in Honda's legendary reliability, and the Ruckus not only a blast—it's nearly unstoppable. They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but go ahead and judge the Ruckus. It's got nothing to hide, and everything to brag about, flaunting its minimalist, all-business, urban-warrior look. Nobody builds engines like Honda, and the Ruckus proves that. The liquid-cooled single-cylinder 49cc engine cranks out all the power you need for urban riding, and delivers incredible gas mileage at the same time. You may go so long between fill-ups that you'll forget where the gas cap even is. And how sweet is that? (Hint: It's down on the floor, between your feet.)◄
  12. Scooter99 Side Car SCOOTER99 SIDECAR   Do you like Motor Scooter sidecars? I do. Possibly they might add a little more safety factor to the Motor Scooter. Also, they look like great fun for the passenger. Sidecars can cost more than some new Scooters. Picture on the right is of their 'Sidecar 3'. They ship to the USA for your information.

    ►This sidecar is made from ¾ inch tubular seamless pipe framework and with fiberglass that won't rust and is light in weight. It is suitable for an adult weighing not more than 170lbs. The features on the sidecar are as following:◄

    • Price: $1,000.00
    • Rain Cover
    • Sidecar fender lamp
    • Nicely Carpeted Interior
    • New tire, tube, 10 inch steel wheel
    • New Shock absorber and Spring
    • Comfy Custom handmade Seat, can be tilted forward for extra storage (helmet)

    Notice: The sidecar can be detached from the scooter and available left or right hand drive.
  13. Seat Cover Sample SCOOTER SEAT COVERS   Even though this lady is no longer making Motor Scooter seat covers, i link to this site because maybe somehow in the future she will find a way to resume business. She probably needed to charge more for her seat covers to make it more worth her time and trouble. Maybe next time. Also, i want to mention that some of you out there who have the ability to make these seat covers out of your home - this might be a good home business for you, but be sure and charge enough to make it worth your time and trouble.

    ►I'm still getting letters on a daily basis asking me to make covers. I wish I could. In answer to your questions:
    I don't know anyone else that is actively making covers. My current work has kept me out of the scooter community loop, so your best bet is to ask on a forum. I don't foresee starting up my business again any time soon. Just the facts: My last year of business was busy, but not pleasant. In short, I burned out, and I didn't make enough money to make the stress and long hours worth it. To read the longer version, go here. I love you just as much as I've always loved you, but please don't ask me to make just one cover, just for you. I'd love to, but I simply don't have the time. My equipment and fabric is in storage. Heck, I didn't even make myself one this year. Many thanks to the great customers over the years.   ~Stay safe, Crystal◄
  14. Scoot Magazine Logo THE SCOOT CLUB   Formally "Scoot Magazine" now called "The Scoot Club" looks to me to have stopped updating their website (last update was on December 25, 2012), but i am including it here for reference/ archival purposes. However, they might be up-to-date on their Facebook page, so try there and check for any action.

    Click Above
    ►Originally founded in 1997 as a quarterly magazine dedicated to the California vintage motor scooter scene, Scoot! has since become the publication of choice for US scooterists. Now a 6x/year digital publication, Scoot! covers new products, reviews, events, profiles of scooterists and their bikes, technical tutorials, scooter history, touring articles and more. Each Scoot! Club member receives an email notification when a new issue is available, which links directly to our online publication – a fully interactive online magazine, complete with active links and embedded audio and video. Members also have access to our online archive of past issues. View a sample issue here. What are the Exclusive Benefits? Scoot! Club members also get special benefits from trusted Scoot! Club partners, such as discounts on parts and services, and special members-only sales and freebies. Our Partners are pre-screened and dedicated to supporting the US scooter scene. They recognize the value of forging strong relationships with Scoot! Club members. For a complete list of the current partners and benefits, click here. Scoot! Club members also have access to a range of club exclusives, depending upon which membership level they choose.◄
  15. Picture of David Hurtado SCOOTER LOUNGE ONLINE   Here's a relatively new supplier for everything motorscooter. They sell from their website: Apparel, Accessories, Batteries, Blur Parts, Brakes & Suspension, Buddy Parts, Bulbs, Scooter Parts, Drive Belts, Filters (Air, Fuel, & Oil), Handlebar Parts, Helmets, Luggage & Bags, Memorabilia, Scooters, Oil & Fluids, Performance Items, Racks & Chrome, Scooter Chemicals, Seats, Spark Plugs, Stella Parts, Tire & Rims, Tools, Winter Gear, & Windshields.

    ►Welcome to Scooter Lounge Online. Are you looking for a battery, tire, spark plug, oil, accessory or part for your scooter? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you are new to the scooter scene or a veteran scooterist we have something for you. Take your time and look around. You are sure to find something of interest. We are located in Orem, Utah and have been in business going on ten years. We share your love for scooters! The Scooter Lounge began in 2002, in pretty humble circumstances. Since then, we have outgrown two buildings, and become "The Best Scooter Shop in the Universe!" Or . . . At least in Utah. And now The Scooter Lounge is venturing into cyberspace with Scooter Lounge Online! We officially launched in 2009. We felt that in addition to having the best scooter shop in the universe we should also have the best scooter parts and accessories website in the universe! After all, not everyone can come and see our shop in Utah. Our goal with the website is to have a one-stop online store with the best navigation, best products, and fairest prices out there! On a personal note: The guy pictured on the right is me, David Hurtado. I founded The Scooter Lounge in 2002 but before that, I worked various jobs in the scooter industry and have been a scooter enthusiast since my youth. I want you to have a great experience with our store. If for any reason you are dissatisfied or if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me at (801) 434-4536 or send me an email through this site.◄
  16. Bad Motor Scooter Accident Thumb MOTOR SCOOTER ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS   This section contains a list or source of mostly national attorneys specializing in Motor Scooter and motorcycle accident claims.

    If you're on a motorcycle and are hit by a car, you're three times more likely to be seriously injured, and fourteen times more likely to be killed, than a person injured in an accident involving two cars.

    These above statistics tell me that societies around the world need to make their roads more Motor Scooter friendly. Probably, there are many things that can be done to make scootering a much safer and more desired source of transportation.

  17. Orange Stella Motorscooter STELLA SCOOTERS   I get confused a lot about these motor scooter companies and it takes some time to try and sort it out. For example, i had to do some research to discover that this particular brand of scooter is actually made overseas in India (Specifically a company called: LML India) and a US company called "Genuine Scooter Company", is the US importer of this scooter (Private Branding, i think),
    Click Above
    and it is supposedly the ONLY "old school"s (all-metal, manual shift) scooter you can purchase in the US. Motor scooters featured on the Genuine Scooter Company website can only be purchased through their network of authorized dealers in the USA and they have a very large US dealer network. However, i have seen only good reviews of this scooter on the internet so far. People seem to like it, especially if you desire a manual shift transmission. Some specifications are: 147.55cc (150cc) 4-Stroke, Air Cooled Engine, 4-speed manual transmission with "twist grip" shifting, Colors: Avocado, Creme, Slate Blue, White, Dijon Yellow, Red, Black, Creme & Avocado, Creme & Slate Blue. Gabriel® performance shocks, 3.5inX10in Interchangable Tires now come with black walls. Grimeca Hydraulic Disc Front Brake, 6in Rear Drum Brake. Top Speed: 60+ MPH. MPG: 140 Approximately. Warranty: 2-Year / Unlimited-mile. MSRP: $3,699, MSRP does not reflect destination or other dealer vehicle preparation charges.

    ►Stella, our first love. She's now clean and green, and the only REAL modern vintage scooter in America that's not just another copy of a classic style from Italy. Her pedigree is pure Italian, her charm unmistakable. Her green character and miserly gas consumption are the product of the world's most pragmatic and forward thinking engineers in India. She still shifts like a sports car, but the engine is quiet and the vibrations are gone. In a variety of happy colors, she boasts an EPA city rating of 140 miles per gallon. Dress her up; she's ready to go wherever you go. You can hook up a handmade, all-steel sidecar in matching colors if you want to be the coolest person on your block. Stella, the one and only modern vintage scooter. From Genuine Scooters, who else? Can you feel the love? No!◄
  18. Vespa LX50 VESPA LX 50   This model has a 50cc engine and comes in a number of different colors.

    ►From Consumer Reports March 2009:
    The Vespa LX 50 is the best all around choice... it has a relatively smooth engine, little vibration, the most comfortable seat and riding position, and the best fit and finish.
    This is a beautiful scooter. I do not know yet if the "cockpit" area is large enough to accommodate a 6ft tall adult. Possibly this model would be best for people up to 5ft 7in tall.

    On board a Vespa, life never passes you by. Instead, it serves notice to pay closer attention. New sights, sounds and smells all rev up your senses and the spirit of freedom, fun and adventure is suddenly in abundant supply. With the simple twist of a throttle, you’re on your way to experiencing everything around you with heightened awareness and a fresh perspective. And, Vespa makes it all so easy, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. With an automatic twist n' go transmission, upright riding position and the security of Vespa's unique steel frame, you can focus on the thrill and adventure of the ride. An exceptional average fuel economy of 70 mpg means you'll dip into your wallet far less frequently than even public transportation users . . . an average of just $8 fills up your tank. And, the clean-running Vespa four-stroke engine gets you there with minimal emissions. Parking? It's never been easier, thanks to Vespa's unintrusive footprint. Let others hog an entire parking space – you'll invite six fellow Vespa riders to share that same space with you. And while everyone's spinning their wheels talking about future solutions, you're reducing energy consumption, environmental pollution and traffic congestion right now. Now that's easy.◄
  19. Genuine Scooter Logo GENUINE SCOOTER COMPANY   Even though i have never seen any of this companies products, by the looks of their website and Facebook likes, this is probably a premier business and sells a great product with great service i bet.

    ►Genuine Scooter Company's product line of award-winning gas powered motor scooters have more "buzz" in the scooter market than any other brand. Entire websites, clubs, online discussion forums, and events are dedicated solely to Genuine Scooters. Genuine Scooters are stylish enough to be featured in fashion magazines, national ad campaigns, and network television shows. Genuine Scooters are sold only through our network of authorized dealers. Our list of dealers is growing all the time. If there isn't a dealer near you now, don't fear, that could change really soon. Click HERE to search our list of dealers by state. Genuine Scooters are only available through our network of authorized dealers. Because we believe you deserve the highest level of service possible. We want you to enjoy every aspect of your ownership experience, from the day of the sale to the day you bring it in for a 50,000 mile tune up. That type of customer satisfaction can't be had buying something on the internet and getting shipped a box and a set of instructions. Our dealers were chosen because they are friendly, service oriented, and have the skills to keep your scooter running right for years to come.◄
  20. Vespa Book VESPA MOTORSCOOTER REPAIR   This is the book authored by Bob Darnell and Bob Golfen. The book has a high star rating on This book has 160 pages. Includes some history of the Vespa Scooter. Has some tips on buying a scooter.
    But, does not have a lot of pictures and does not explain it's terminology very well. Click on the picture at the right for more information and to buy on Amazon if you want.

    ►Your number one Vespa restoration resource! With plants in 15 different countries and sales numbering well into the millions worldwide, Vespa is the make among scooter marques. Return your Vespa to its original glory with this complete guide to restoring your prized scooter to 100% original condition. This information-packed, authentic restoration guide covers both the mechanical and cosmetic restoration of all Vespa motorscooters from 1946-1996. Phenomenal numbers, along with a Generation X mod revival, have translated into a thriving collectible and restoration scene, with enthusiasts striving to attain the same authenticity afforded other collectible vehicles. This complete guide to correctly restoring all Vespas built from 1946 through 1996 addresses both mechanical and cosmetic concerns.◄

  21. Vespa LX 150 Motor Scooter VESPA LX 150   This LX model with a 150cc motor has a top speed of about 70 mph someone said. Website says 59 MPH "cruising speed" i guess. "The LX 150 lets you do an impressive highway like 59 mph to get you where you want to go, fast.

    ►Consumer Reports March 2009: The Vespa LX 150 is essentially a more powerful version of the Vespa LX 150, with the same virtues . . . It has a relatively smooth engine, little vibration, the most comfortable seat and riding position, and the best fit and finish . . . It is very maneuverable in tight spaces, has a controlled ride and soaks up bumps well. A fun and fuel efficient way to get around town . . . Parking is easy, and gas mileage is far better than that of most cars.◄

  22. Vespa GTS 300 Motor Scooter VESPA GTS 300   This is Vespa's 278cc model. Review comments: "The GTS is the fastest, most powerful, most technically advanced Vespa in history. Throttle pegged... the Vespa zips from 0-60 mph in 12.9 seconds. Lots of clearance and storage. Has injected 278cc engine. Liquid Cooled. Max Speed: 80 MPH. Gas Mileage: 65-70 MPG. Fuel: Unleaded. This scooter has a 4 stoke 21 HP motor.
    ►Once you start riding a Vespa, you will notice subtle changes. Your commute is shorter and more enjoyable. You're making new friends because everyone wants to meet you (or is it really your sexy and stylish Vespa they covet?) Stress melts away because riding your Vespa is literally the easiest thing you'll do all day. And, you're making a difference in your community by helping to ease traffic congestion and parking. How can you start your journey to freedom and fun? Here are six easy steps to getting on the road with your Vespa.◄
  23. Scooterworks Logo SCOOTERWORKS USA   A motor scooter accessory site with lots of items. "America's leading mail-order specialists". This is a good website with categories in scooter accessories, riding apparel, books, scooter locks, riding gear, & replacement parts.

    ►Welcome to Scooterworks USA! America's top supplier of parts and accessories for vintage and modern scooters. We have everything you need, from wear-and-tear items like tires and oil filters to aftermarket parts from brands like Malossi, NCY, Prima, YSS, Dr. Pulley, and more. Start shopping for scooter replacement parts, performance parts, scooter accessories, scooter tools, scooter manuals, essentials like oils, tires, tubes, or for lifestyle items like clothing, books, toys & models, etc. – we know you'll find what you're looking for! If you’re looking for parts for your scooter, give us a call on our toll-free number: 888.968.3772. In addition to being the exclusive US distributors for Soft Italia, NCY, and Prima brand products, Scooterworks is now the official distributor of OEM parts for the Genuine Scooter Company, makers of the Genuine Stella, 2011's "Scooter of the Year", as well the Genuine Buddy – America's favorite scooter! Scooterworks has everything you need to maintain and repair your Genuine scooter, and everything you need to get the most power and performance from it, as well! If you're a service and repair shop or a full-line motorcycle and scooter dealer, check out our "Become a Dealer" page to learn about some of the benefits of opening a Scooterworks DIRECT account with us.◄
  24. Honda Metropolitan HONDA METROPOLITAN   49cc motor scooter.

    ►Why does just about everyone who sees a Metropolitan want one? It's not just for the ruby-red paint or the smart European-derived styling. It's also for the go-green gas mileage and the fully automatic transmission. This practical-minded mount comes with a feisty 49cc engine that lets you zip around with ease. And while the Metropolitan's no-nonsense reliability is what you expect in a Honda, its cool style is what makes it hot. While its thrifty fuel economy gets your attention, the Metropolitan's overall combination of style and common sense makes it really stand out. Because it's a Honda, feature after feature requires little or no maintenance, including the automatic cam-chain tensioner and CD ignition system.◄

  25. Honda Elite HONDA ELITE 80   Honda has excellent quality and a good dealer network.

    ►Looking for a scooter that can do it all? A cool new ride that can get you to school or work, run errands around town, or even handle two-up duty when date night rolls around? Then check out the new 2010 Elite®, our stylish new entry featuring an all-new 108cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected four-stroke engine, twist-and-go Honda V-Matic transmission, electric start, Honda's unique Combined Braking System (CBS), and indispensable amenities like ample underseat storage and a glove compartment. The new 2010 Elite. Smart. Affordable. Fun. In other words, all you could ever ask for—and more—in a scooter.◄
  26. Yamaha Vino Classic YAMAHA VINO CLASSIC   I love the looks of this scooter, but the cockpit area is too small for me.

    ►49cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke single, SOHC, 3 valve. Maximum speed at around 35-40 MPH. The Vino Classic achieves fuel economy up to an estimated 110 mpg with a fuel tank that holds 1.2 gallons of gas. Engine: 49cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with easy, dependable electric starting and kickstart system. Fully automatic V-belt transmission provides easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation. High-energy ignition system provides precise, high-voltage spark for seamless engine performance and excellent reliability. Automatic choke makes cold starting a cinch. 90/90-10 front and rear tires offer excellent traction. Front and rear drum brakes supply strong stopping power.◄
  27. Scooter Tires MOTOR SCOOTER TIRES   Here's a well organized list of motor scooter tire sources. Click the picture on the right to see Amazon's Scooter Tire best seller list & Top Rated. All these scooter tires available should be "Tubeless" tires. Most listed will fit both front & rear wheels, but there are some exceptions depending on the make of your scooter. Please refer to a Load & Speed Rating chart for the limits on your tires. Tire sizes can be read as follows: Sample tire 3.5X10 = 3½in wide X 10in rim height. 130/70-10 reads out: 130mm tire width/70 reads out: .70 aspect ratio x 130mm tire width = 91mm tire height/10 reads out as wheel rim height in inches.

  28. MOTOR SCOOTER CRANKCASE OIL SECTION   Click here to go to a special motor scooter crankcase oil section. Crankcase oil is of course a very important component of our scooters and deserves a special section of it's own. All of the scooter oils listed here are designed for the 4 stroke engine. Hopefully, they are all high quality products which can be safely used in all of our motors. Believe it or not, there are a fair amount of crankcase oils specifically designed for motor scooters. That has been a surprise to me. When i first began doing searches for motor scooter specific oil, i did not believe i would find anything. But when you visit this page you will find at least 12 different brands or types of motor scooter oil specific. Also keep in mind the designation "2T" oil is for 2-Stroke engines, and "4T" is for 4-Stroke engines. Since most or all adult type motor scooters are using a 4-Stroke engine, i only include 4T oil here. Click on the picture on the right to enter the "Motor Scooter Crankcase Oil Zone" a very creepy place to be.


All the following Motorcycle Insurance Companies issue insurance on a nationwide (all 50 states) basis or at least that is my intention in listing them here . . .

GEICO   Nationwide source for motor scooter insurance.
PROGRESSIVE   Popular nationwide source of insurance for motor scooters.
ESURANCE   Nationwide source for motor scooter insurance.
FOREMOST   Nationwide source for motor scooter insurance.
ALLSTATE   Popular nationwide source of insurance for motor scooters.
NATIONWIDE   Popular nationwide source of insurance for motor scooters.
AARP   In the past i have really got some low insurance rate quotes from this organization. I think if you are over 55 years old you qualify to join.
UNITED MARINE   Insurance for motor scooters.
MARKEL AMERICAN INSURANCE   Insurance for motor scooters.
AIS INSURANCE   This is a California based company but they claim to service all 50 states. "Our National Personal Lines unit can take care of your insurance needs nationwide. Please call 877-461-2436 for a quote".
MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION   The MRA (Motorcycle Riders Association) is an organization specializing in insurance, training schools, and events.
STATE FARM   Yes, they sell motorcycle insurance. However, i believe you have to buy the insurance through a local State Farm agent.
SENTRY INSURANCE   They sell motorcycle insurance. Look at drop-down box.


I have found at least 4 different online suppliers of Spark Plugs listed below.

CLUBPLUG   This is a good site for online purchase of spark plugs for your motor scooter.
NGK   You can order spark plugs for your motor scooter here.
AMAZON.COM   You can buy spark plugs on for your motor scooter.
SPARKPLUGS.COM   You can buy spark plugs for your motor scooter here.
NGK SPARK PLUGS #CR7EIX   Fits Yamaha Vino 125 motor scooter.


There are at least four large manufacturers of spray paint which can be used on motor scooter bodies. Also possible to buy matching paint from your scooter manufacturer . . .



CARB Approved = California Air Resources Board.
EPA Approved = Environmental Protection Agency.
DOT Approved = Department of Transportation.
Most modern scooters are Air Cooled.
Most modern scooters have a 4 Stroke Engine.
Most modern scooters are equipped with a Fully Automatic CVT Transmission (Continuously Variable Transmission).
Most modern scooters have both an electric and "kick" starter.
Most modern scooters are very fuel efficient - get 80 to 120 Miles Per Gallon.
Most scooter wheel rim sizes range between 8 and 12 inches (20-28 cm) in diameter.
Most modern scooters use regular 87 octane gas in your scooter unless manufacturer specifies a higher octane.

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