Web Master W elcome to my Motor Scooter website. This website specializes in modern and the latest 4-stroke Motor Scooter models in the 50cc, 90cc, 125cc & 150cc range only. I think the 4-stroke engine is best, better than a 2-stroke engine. Also, i have noticed that in spite of higher gasoline prices there has not been a big increase in the use of motor scooters. I have been made aware of the fact that the 50cc size Motor Scooter is not really practical for use in most of our modern traffic situations or road conditions. I have been told by dealers that the small 50cc Motor Scooter is good for use on "secondary roads or streets" only or areas of low or no traffic. Another thing, the cockpit area on many 50cc Motor Scooters is too small for a lot of adults over 5ft-11in tall in my opinion. I have seen some people using Honda 90cc motor scooters on city main streets. Freeway use requires by law at least a 250cc engine or bigger in California. My main interest is in the size range between 90cc up to about 200cc. Bigger than this it seems better to just buy a motorcycle. Also, i am limiting my content to motor scooter brands that are generally more accessible nationwide and worldwide. ABOUT 50cc ENGINE MOTOR SCOOTERS Lately i have noticed more people driving motor scooters around town. It seems that these people using 50cc motor scooters are driving them like many people would a bicycle. They all drive on the far right along the curb going with the flow of traffic; meaning they do not assert their right of way in the center of the road or left or right tire track. One couple i know drive all over town this way using those little 50cc Motobecane moped type scooters. When you do this you have to be very careful at intersections especially. Vehicles making a right hand turn could turn right into you if you are not situated properly. So be careful out there. I had forgot that a long time ago in the 1960's me and another guy rode a 50cc Yamaha from San Bernardino California to the beach at Santa Monica and back with both of us on one motorcycle. But life was a little kinder then and the traffic was not as bad as it is nowadays. And there was a non-freeway road clear to the coast then (i think it was called Foothill Drive but not sure). PRESENTING TRADITIONAL SCOOTER DESIGN It seems that Vespa is the standard of the industry and manufactures the "Old Skool" style chassis. They are priced higher than most motor scooter brands and they have a fairly broad network of dealers across the world and across the USA, plus their dealer search feature on their website is very good and works well . . .

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