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  1. MOTOR SCOOTER TIRES   Here's a well organized list of motor scooter tire sources. Click the picture on the right to see Amazon's Scooter Tire best seller list & Top Rated. All these scooter tires available should be "Tubeless" tires. Most listed will fit both front & rear wheels, but there are some exceptions depending on the make of your scooter. Please refer to a Load & Speed Rating chart for the limits on your tires. Tire sizes can be read as follows: Sample tire 3.5X10 = 3½in wide X 10in rim height. 130/70-10 reads out: 130mm tire width/70 reads out: .70 aspect ratio x 130mm tire width = 91mm tire height/10 reads out as wheel rim height in inches.

  2. MOTOR SCOOTER CRANKCASE OIL SECTION   Click here to go to a special motor scooter crankcase oil section. Crankcase oil is of course a very important component of our scooters and deserves a special section of it's own. All of the scooter oils listed here are designed for the 4 stroke engine. Hopefully, they are all high quality products which can be safely used in all of our motors. Believe it or not, there are a fair amount of crankcase oils specifically designed for motor scooters. That has been a surprise to me. When i first began doing searches for motor scooter specific oil, i did not believe i would find anything. But when you visit this page you will find at least 12 different brands or types of motor scooter oil specific. Also keep in mind the designation "2T" oil is for 2-Stroke engines, and "4T" is for 4-Stroke engines. Since most or all adult type motor scooters are using a 4-Stroke engine, i only include 4T oil here. Click on the picture on the right to enter the "Motor Scooter Crankcase Oil Zone" a very creepy place to be.


All the following Motorcycle Insurance Companies issue insurance on a nationwide (all 50 states) basis or at least that is my intention in listing them here . . .

GEICO   Nationwide source for motor scooter insurance.
PROGRESSIVE   Popular nationwide source of insurance for motor scooters.
ESURANCE   Nationwide source for motor scooter insurance.
FOREMOST   Nationwide source for motor scooter insurance.
ALLSTATE   Popular nationwide source of insurance for motor scooters.
NATIONWIDE   Popular nationwide source of insurance for motor scooters.
AARP   In the past i have really got some low insurance rate quotes from this organization. I think if you are over 55 years old you qualify to join.
UNITED MARINE   Insurance for motor scooters.
MARKEL AMERICAN INSURANCE   Insurance for motor scooters.
AIS INSURANCE   This is a California based company but they claim to service all 50 states. "Our National Personal Lines unit can take care of your insurance needs nationwide. Please call 877-461-2436 for a quote".
MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION   The MRA (Motorcycle Riders Association) is an organization specializing in insurance, training schools, and events.
STATE FARM   Yes, they sell motorcycle insurance. However, i believe you have to buy the insurance through a local State Farm agent.
SENTRY INSURANCE   They sell motorcycle insurance. Look at drop-down box.


I have found at least 4 different online suppliers of Spark Plugs listed below.

CLUBPLUG   This is a good site for online purchase of spark plugs for your motor scooter.
NGK   You can order spark plugs for your motor scooter here.
AMAZON.COM   You can buy spark plugs on for your motor scooter.
SPARKPLUGS.COM   You can buy spark plugs for your motor scooter here.
NGK SPARK PLUGS #CR7EIX   Fits Yamaha Vino 125 motor scooter.


There are at least four large manufacturers of spray paint which can be used on motor scooter bodies. Also possible to buy matching paint from your scooter manufacturer . . .



CARB Approved = California Air Resources Board.
EPA Approved = Environmental Protection Agency.
DOT Approved = Department of Transportation.
Most modern scooters are Air Cooled.
Most modern scooters have a 4 Stroke Engine.
Most modern scooters are equipped with a Fully Automatic CVT Transmission (Continuously Variable Transmission).
Most modern scooters have both an electric and "kick" starter.
Most modern scooters are very fuel efficient - get 80 to 120 Miles Per Gallon.
Most scooter wheel rim sizes range between 8 and 12 inches (20-28 cm) in diameter.
Most modern scooters use regular 87 octane gas in your scooter unless manufacturer specifies a higher octane.

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